Announcers react to James Rodríguez goal


I'm still thinking about the goal that James scored against Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup. Amazing . Brilliant. I watched it live on Univisión and couldn't believe it. Twitter erupted with praise. With little doubt, the best goal of the tournament so far. In The Globe and Mail, Cathal Kelly wrote:

When first I saw it live, I thought, ‘Goal of the tournament’. After ten more views in slow motion, I thought, ‘One of the ten best goals in World Cup history’. Twenty or so more views, and I’m thinking it may just be one of the greatest goals ever scored, full stop. On this stage, you’d have to reach back to Dennis Bergkamp in 1998 to find a strike of similarly brilliant technique. Given the occasion, given the pressure, given what was at stake, this was the announcement of a generational talent.

Listen to announcers as they react to the goal with amazement, screaming, yelling, tears, prayers... 

If that wasn't enough, Colombia's 2nd goal against Uruguay was one of the best team goals in the tournament...and one of the best goals in the history of Colombia. Juan Cuadrado, currently leading the tournament in assists, helped ignite the play and it topped it off with sick, and dare I say Rajon Rondoesque, pass. 

Two of the best goals in the history of the Colombian national soccer team were scored yesterday in one game. Crazy. 

Colombia officially has a new golden generation. 20 years after the demons of 1994, it looks like Colombia is dancing its way towards a very bright future.