Morir Soñando - Aja Monet Para mi, Aja Monet representa la complejidad de la identidad Latina en los Estados Unidos. Hay una mezcla de culturas. Ser Latino en EE.UU. no es reducible a poder hablar el Español bien. 

One of the biggest regrets of my fall 2013 semester at Duke University was missing the performance of visiting poet Aja Monet. Various things were happening that weekend and I couldn't make it. But I was happy when I found some videos, including this great interview above. In it, Monet touches upon many topics including the life of an artist, motherhood, and materialism. I think Monet is an important voice to hear. Recently, she was featured in the book Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith, which was co-edited by Enuma Okoro. One thing that I appreciate about Monet is the way in which she speaks from the Latino/a experience in America. While many Americans continue to harbor stereotypical views of Latinos as exotic internationals (think Modern Family), Monet demonstrates through her art that the Latino/a identity in America is complex, full of mixture, and not reducible to the Spanish language. I'll admit that, as a New Yorker, my appreciation of Monet may be somewhat biased. But sometimes I think: if America wants to confront its future, it needs a little more NY.