Karl Barth Quotes: Dogmatics in Outline

barth_1_3"What in His work becomes visible is an uncovering of this mystery of His inner Being, where all is freedom and all is love."  "Tell me how it stands with your Christology, and I shall tell you who you are." 

"At this point I should like, in passing, to answer a question which as been put to me several times during these weeks: 'Are you not aware that many are sitting in this class who are not Christians?' I have always laughed and said: 'That makes no difference to me.' It would be quite dreadful if the faith of Christians should aim at sundering and separating one man from the others." 

"We must use our knowledge as it has been given to us to-day. No more can be required of us than is given to us. And like a servant who is faithful in little, we must not be sorrowful about such little. More than this faithfulness is not required of us."

"The Church's language cannot aim at being an end in itself." 

"We do not know what love is and we do not know what freedom is; but God is love and God is freedom. What freedom is and what love is, we have to learn from Him." 

"Who is aware of man's real wretchedness, save he who is aware of God's mercy?"

"His humanity is humanity indeed, the essence of all humanitas. Not as a concept or an idea, but as a decision, as history. Jesus Christ is the man, and the measure, the determination and limitation of all human being."

"Do not confuse my theory of the reconciliation with the thing itself. All theories of reconciliation can be but pointers."

"That which has happened once for all has rather the power of divine presence. What happened still happens, and as such will happen."

"But when our talk is of Him and we speak of Him as about a familiar entity, who is more familiar and real than any other reality and who is nearer us than we are to ourselves, it is not because there may have been particularly pious people who were successful in investigating this Being, but because He who was hidden from us has disclosed Himself."